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Built in 1932 in Perivale Middlesex, Wallis, Gilbert and Partners's tour de force is possibly the finest Art Deco structure in Britain. Now sensitively preserved as a Tesco's supermarket, and an office building for Gallaghers. its principle building is a two storey low-lying white structure with its front divided into 15 bays by massive Egyptian pillars with ornate designs on the tops and bottoms. Its outstanding central doorway has over the door is a huge sunray like design with touches of red, blue, green and golden arrow quills; and matching gates of ornate metalwork. The towers at either end have curved corner windows and sunbursts and arrow quill features. To the left of the factory is what was the canteen, its style reminiscent of a streamlined Odeon cinema. Interior features include a green marble tiled factory washroom and toilets, magnificent art deco stairways and floor to ceiling sunburst windows.



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