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Claridge's HotelClaridge's HotelClaridge's HotelClaridge's Hotel
Claridge's Hotel

Five of London's major hotels, Claridge's, the Park Lane, the Dorchester,
the Savoy and the Strand Palace, were built or redesigned in the late 1920s
and 1930s and included outstanding art deco features in their lavish
interiors. Claridge's was refurbished by Basil Ionides in the mid-1920s and
by Oswald Milne in 1929-30. Its stylish art deco public areas include the
elegant front entrance, built in 1930. This opens into a foyer where a
Lalique glass base supports a deco deer sculpture. The side entrance hall
contains curved art deco lights to the floor around its entrances and those
of the cloakrooms. The famous tea room's décor is subtle retro deco, with a
side room containing two imposing streamlined fireplaces. Around 100 rooms
are still maintained in the original deco style.


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